Turnpoint aims at assisting clients in the implementation of their corporate development objectives.

Merger und Akquisitionen

M&A is the core of Turnpoint's business. We guide our clients from the initial, strategic orientation phase to the closing of the transaction. Approximately 2/3 of our assignments are cross-border. The majority of assignments are executed within Europe; assignments regularly involve non-European parties. Turnpoint serves in mid-market transactions: transaction values are usually in the range of Euro 5 - 100+ million. Smaller and larger transactions do, however, occur. Turnpoint acts on behalf of either the Seller or the Buyer. The split between buy- and sell-assignments is approximately 50/50.

Advising management on buy-out transactions (MBO)

Advising management on buy-in transactions (MBI)

Other corporate finance assignments, like:

  • acquisition finance
  • financial restructuring
  • (pre-) insolvency consulting