Group Overview

With a track record going back to 1985, Turnpoint operates as an independent consulting group in the area of corporate finance. Turnpoint specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and related corporate finance services.

Independence in ownership

Turnpoint is fully owned by its managing partners. There are no outside investors as they might compromise Turnpoint’s independence.

Independence in business

Turnpoint strictly limits itself to consulting. Turnpoint does not finance or participate in any form in its clients.

International structure

Turnpoint is organized in 4 European countries. Uniform working methods and international multi-lingual project teams and cross-border transactions are key to our business.


Turnpoint works in areas like Scandinavia, Southern-Europe, the USA and Canada, assignments can be undertaken directly or, if appropriate, with the assistance of trusted partners.

Managing partners and staff

Turnpoint’s managing partners have a wide-ranging experience in the financial world and the business community. The group has many experienced financial analysts and researchers to support the managing partners and the partners in the execution of assignments.